Who We Are

Jubilee Community Development Corporation

Our Mission

Jubilee Community Development Corporation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit on a mission to eliminate the consequences of benign neglect within North St. Louis City.

Our Vision

At Jubilee Community Development Corporation, we empower individuals for true community development. Our vision is to build a community of recovery, renewal, and hope. We are doing this by providing treatment, purpose, and restoration to the homeless, addicted, mentally ill, and unemployable men and women of North St. Louis. We offer a comprehensive system focused on personal development and accountability to help individuals overcome challenges and become purposeful contributors to our community. Our ultimate goal is to rebuild broken people who rebuild broken communities.

What We Do

Our Current Initiatives

At Jubilee Community Development Corporation, we are deeply rooted in our community. We constantly appraise the needs of our neighbors in the Fairgrounds and College Hill neighborhoods by living and working alongside them every day.

Our focus is on providing personal development and accountability to those who face significant challenges such as addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. We work to build bridges and provide pathways for these individuals to become purpose-driven, employed, and contributing members of our community.

Located at 4231 N. Grand Blvd, all of our subsidiaries and partnerships are designed to benefit the people of this neighborhood. By engaging with and serving our community, we strive to create a more vibrant, connected, and resilient place for everyone to call home.

Jubilee Property Management

Jubilee Property Management provides employment for 5 full-time and 6 part-time individuals from the community, who specialize in property maintenance, lawn care, landscaping and snow removal.

Jubilee Trucking Academy

Providing classroom and driver instruction, Jubilee Trucking Academy has helped 40 people qualify for CDL licenses, and continues to graduate people every month.

Jubilee Public Works

Jubilee Public Works provides excavation and other construction services, and employs individuals in the community.

Recovery Housing

Gethsemane House, Greer House, Turner House, Stolwyk House, and Victory Over Bondage (VOB) House provide active beds for transitional housing, support, training, and accountability. Over 90 men have rotated through the program in 2022-2023.

Jubilee Wellness Center

Eliot School (over 50,000 sq. ft.) was purchased in Spring 2022 from the St. Louis Public School District. We are transforming this building into a beacon of hope and renewal for our community by expanding all of the above initiatives and more.

housing for men in recovery

Recovery Houses

Providing Safe and Secure Housing for Men in Recovery

Job Training

Hands-On Training to Help Those in Recovery Gain Meaningful Employment


Providing Employment Opportunities to Those in Recovery

community restoration north st louis


Bringing Restoration to the People of North St. Louis